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CAMON! Nakashibetsu Inbound Promotion Promotion Council

  • 〒086-1197
    1, Higashi 2-jo Minami 2-chome, Nakashibetsu-cho, Shibetsu-gun, Hokkaido Nakashibetsu-cho Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • TEL:0153-72-2720
  • FAX:0153-72-1986


Lunch buffet
Fresh ingredients of Dōtō and Nakashibetsu are abundant in the menu!
(14th of every month is
¥ 1,040)

Toyo Grand Hotel

Popular lunch buffet featuring 45 Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes, and dinner dishes cooked with local ingredients and seafood from eastern Hokkaido
This restaurant offers monthly themed lunch buffet fairs and serves small-size steaks, ramen and soba noodles that are cooked at an open kitchen. For dinner, it serves authentic Chinese and Italian food.
The relaxing Japanese-style pub located in the same hotel is also a great place to enjoy a fine selection of alcoholic drinks and dishes cooked with seasonal ingredients.
  • Grilled seafood
    Akkeshi, Ojinuma, Rausu, Shibetsu, Kushiro, Nemuro. A luxury menu that eats the happiness of the sea of the eastern side!
    Hokke ¥ 1,100
    Half Toba ¥ 530
    Shisyamo 3 ¥ 430
    Komai ¥ 530
    Grilled whelk 3 pieces ¥ 640
    Oyster, Scallops ¥ fair price
  • Octopus Zangi
    Sliced fluffy fresh octopus
    to taste with Zanghi!
  • Corn potato butter
    Everything is made in Hokkaido!
    "The Hokkaido" Fun menu!
    (Furnace Bud Kaiyoudai)
  • Deep-fried driftwood
    Popularity No. 1! Original menu using Gouda cheese from Nakashibetsu!
    (Furnace Bud Kaiyoudai)
  • Seafood thick roll
    Brilliantly color the grace of the fresh sea!


Toyo Grand Hotel


East20 North1,Nakashibetsu-cho




Restaurant Shirakaba 11:30~LO14:00 17:00~LO20:30
Izakaya 17:00~LO22:00


Holidays not fixed

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