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CAMON! Nakashibetsu Inbound Promotion Promotion Council

  • 〒086-1197
    1, Higashi 2-jo Minami 2-chome, Nakashibetsu-cho, Shibetsu-gun, Hokkaido Nakashibetsu-cho Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • TEL:0153-72-2720
  • FAX:0153-72-1986


Mega pork cutlet Curry
Mega cutlets where rice is hidden!
Curry paste is also spicy enough.

Donburi kafe & obentō kure pasu

Serving a range of rice bowls, box meals, curry, and pasta for 500 yen
This restaurant promotes interactions between people with and without disabilities and supports those with disabilities to become self-reliant.
It serves Japanese-style handmade box meals, 15 kinds of rice bowls, three types of curry, and pasta from 500 yen. Homemade cookies and pudding are also must-trys.
  • Escalop
    A local menu from Nemuro.
    Exquisite taste of meat,
    butter rice and sauce!
  • Daily change lunch
    Gentle taste and coloring, sticking to the local seasonal ingredients and handmade.


Donburi kafe & obentō kure pasu


Odori North2-17-2,Nakashibetsu-cho






Holidays not fixed

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